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Have I Ever Told You

Have I ever told you
that if I sit really still and silent,
sometimes. I like to think
I can hear your heart beating
in time with mine?

Have I ever told you
that when I watch you speak to me
through lines and cords,
and bytes and ram,
I imagine
your voice,
whispering into my ear?

Have I ever told you
that I wait out each day
in anticipation,
only an hour or two,
just a second in space and time,
to feel close to you?

Have I ever told you
that after the first time I heard
the sound of your voice,
thousands of miles away,
I sat up all night,
turning the conversation over and over
in my mind,
examining it,
like some newly discovered species of flower?

Have I ever told you
that I would give everything up,
just for one night
to be able to lay near you,
to feel your chest rise and fall
with each breath you take,

just to know that you are real?



Have I ever told you
that I dream of you often,
I dream of you reaching out
and touching my hand,
simply to let me know
that you are there,
and everything is okay?

Have I ever told you,
have I still yet to tell you . . .
that I love you?



You tell me everyday...
Get lost...
Go to hell...
Just leave and never come back..
You will soon learn..
I'm already gone
I'm leaving this hell hole you call home..
I'm going to go out ant live my life...
I'm finally gone
With a gun to my head..
I'm ending this life..
Im gone


The Dang Cell Phone Policy at School

OMG I HATE MY SCHOOL...mainly the Princable...ok someones cell went off in class and my teach is like "Turn it in who ever" well they didnt so she called the Princ( Prick) down so he searched us. I HAVE to have my phone bc of something that happened last year well anyway i had somethin in my pocket cuz my purse broke (girls u prob know wht it is) nd so i tell him i have it in my pocket he MAKES me pull it out in FRONT of my class mates omg he is abt to get slaped in the GD face i can tell u guys tht much. But anyway he has me pull out MY phone tht didnt go off nd im lk "my mom knows i have it" He steps in front of me puts the phone in front of my face nd  yells "UR MOM DOES NOT RUN THINGS IN THIS SCHOOL" im like..oh no u didnt just do tht to me MF. i was abt to go off...i was sooooo PO anyway i call my mom tell her now she is PO to so basically she will take him to court bc he isnt takin my suspension or "D-Hall" away so yeah thts y im typin this thingy lol peace out hommies


(Every one says tht it was sexual harrasment i guess so hey anything to get him fired i guess..it did embarres me...the damn son of a bitch..)

Writer's Block: Being Another Creature

Any creature hmm...guess I'd be a wolf, because they r leaders and strong.They also have courage which is something I need. (hehe)

If you could be any creature, any mobile life form at all, which would it be and why?


I've been thinking on wht to do the past few days. I have decided maybe its not best for me and my 'friend' to talk anymore (for real this tine) the first few attements were....bad. One time was when I thoght tht his gf would make him happier and the second was by force (a friend of mine didnt want me to talk to him he is a guy to) but, Im just not sure on wht to do anymore so maybe it is best for us not to talk. *sighs* I wish I could just know wht he is thinking. My friend says tht I'm being stupid by doing this. But, hey a girls gotta do wht a girl's gotta do. Last time we tried this we both ended up crying (well me atleast we talked over the cp) But im not so sure of meself.... Thing was tht last time I couldnt do tht I needed him. He is my bestfriend (yeah best) Oh well guess I could try this time...for good. I just dont want him to make a wrong choice......GAH! Y MUST THIS BE SOO HARD! I want to talk to him but I think its best tht we dont....GAH! HELP I NEED HELP ON THIS IM NOT GOOD WITH THIS KIND OF STUFF!


Im sick of everyone telling me wht to do!

I have had it! I'm sick of everyone telling me wht to do! Yes I may be 13 but im still human. First they say they want me to make my own choices but how can I when they are sitting there on their fat@$$ telling me wht to do! Ahhh! The thing is....they say they know whts best and they want me to figure some things out in life on my own. But how can I when ur telling me to do this and that! Ahhh I have had it up to here with this sh_t! Everyone thinks they can boss me around well the thing is they can't! U dont know me and u never will if u dont let me do things EXPECAILY making my own choices in life. I know wht I'm doing!

Anyway I'm done yelling.....4 now



Is not eating tht bad?


Ok I havent eaten in a few (few=4 days) days. My friend Laken told my crush Casey tht I wasnt eating. Well they both (mainly Casey) got pretty pissed. I told him tht I just wasnt hungry but he didnt by it. (such a shame to). He told me to promise both of them tht I will eat. But the thing is the promise dosent mean a thing. I will not eat! But they dont have to get their undies in a bunch. I mean its not tht bad. I know people who hasnt eaten in 10 days! He says tht we cant be friends anymore if I dont eat. Is not eating tht bad?


Some of my fav Quotes


Quote: The walls we build around us to keep out the sadness, also keeps out the joy
(Jim Rohn)

Quote: Giving up doesnt always mean you're weak. It just means that you are strong enough to let go.

Quote: Be who you choose to be, not who others choose to see. "

Quote: I love sleep, my life has a tendency to fall apart when I'm awake.

Quote: And so the Lion fell in love with the Lamb
Edward Cullen)

Quote: If everyone knew wht it was like to be nice then we would have a strange world
(Laura Ables [aka.bff])


Body Langue

Body Language

Kiss on cheek=we're friends

Kiss on hand=we belong together

Kiss on shoulder=I want you

Holding Hands=I love you

Holding on tight=Don't let go

Looking into each others eyes=Let's get romantic

Pulling your hair=Tell me you love me

Arms around waist=I love you too much to let go

Put this on your page after reading or you'll have bad relationships this year 


My Broken Heart


You tore my heart in two

You were the one who needs to put it back together

You were the one to cause these wounds

You are the one who needs to mend my broken heart.

We used to be so close

Now we are so far apart I don’t even know who you are anymore

We used to tell each other everything

Now we hardly even talk

Now that we are so far apart it makes my broken heart

Fall even farther into the darkness

Now that I hardly know you anymore

Why should I let you mend my broken heart?!

NO! I will do whatever it takes for you to suffer like I did

I will let you feel like I felt when you made my sweet newborn heart turn into a

Broken heart

My broken heart....




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